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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Fun Continues! Well, I'm having fun.

Barnaby Rudge: (I have to begin this post with a reminder to my readers that I by no means encourage them to read Barnaby Rudge. It's very bad.)  There's one girl named Dolly Varden who's sorta fly. She's the "pretty and high-spirited lass" type character, kind of a pre-Dora, but, unlike Dora, she doesn't get punished for being flirty and carefree! And she doesn't faint when she gets kidnapped.

 photo 486px-Dolly_Varden_by_William_Powell_Frith_zps33fcb5cc.jpg
You go girl.
 My favorite thing about Dolly Varden is that, because she was a very popular character, there are a lot of things named after her. Such as:

A type of cake tin that makes Barbie dress cakes:
 photo 52-68_zpsbc18c7ce.jpg

 photo brabie_3d_cake_by_verusca-d4doli0_zps2486844e.jpg
A type of trout:

 photo 1471_zpscd40c0ed.jpg

A dress style:
 photo tn2308_zps47d05238.jpg

A Long Beach hotel:

 photo 39_big_zpsa4df8f4a.jpg

An alt-country band:

Which brings me to another point I want to make! There are a lot of bands named after Dickens characters. Oh yes, next post.

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