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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Brontë Readthrough!

I mentioned before that we were going to have a talk about the Victorians. Here's the deal. I majorly, majorly adore the Victorians. They wrote like nobody's business, exploring all these big, huge, compassionate ideas in an era of Radical and Tumultuous Change   Dickens, George Eliot, Thackeray, the Brontë sisters and the gang are basically the bee's knees, although that unfamiliar terminology would probably leave them bemused and then they would assume it had something improprietous to do with legs and they'd think I was a young hussy.
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 And I want to read MORE of them! I figured a good place to start  would be a comprehensive Brontë sister readthrough. I mean, I always say I love them but it's not really justified because I read Jane Eyre and hearted its face to death, like you do, obviously, and then I forced myself to finish Wuthering Heights and acknowledge its brilliance even though I was like "I'm going  to slap you Cathy you saucy wench WHY  AREN'T YOU LIKE MY LITERARY SOULMATE JANE?!"

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Cathy really is the worst.
 But no more. I'm going to read through all the published novels of those wonderful sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne.  In order of publication: The Professor (it was actually  published last after Charlotte’s death but it was the first thing she tried to publish and I just need to get it over with), Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Agnes Grey, The (David) Tenant of Wildfell Hall,  Shirley and Villette. I now embark on my reading quest! It shall be beautiful and edifying! Except for The Professor.

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