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Friday, June 14, 2013

First Post Jitters

Hello there!
So, friends, what we have here is my First Post. Yep. This First Post is rather like the awkward beginning of a conversation with a nice new person -you can't rely on inside jokes or inane banter yet and if they get a bad impression they will fleeeee.
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Nope, Gandalf, be quiet.

I've concluded that the best thing to do is to just barrel forward.  To at least try to preserve my Internet anonymity, I shall be alias-ing as Zeb. I'm a very enthusiastic and hopefully somewhat engaging (though only time will tell) bookworm. If you're reading this, you are probably similar, so here are some  safe-for-Internet-sharing- Zeb-specific factish tidbits:

  • I have an amazing twin sister. Though we are not telepathic.
  • I'm a flutist. Which is not as pretentious as being a flautist.
  • Some of my favorite things are hilariously terrible movies and heartfelt British bands.
That's all for now. (I was going to do the Porky the Pig stammering thing, but I decided to refrain, and  now I'm unnecessarily sharing the entire thought process with you. You're welcome.) Next time we'll have a talk about Victorian literature. Which is the best kind of talk to have!

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